Avant Medicals is a Medico Reporting Organisation. What this means is that we are registered on the MedCo Portal.

As this is a fairly new process if you have yet to instruct us using the MedCo Portal here is some information we found useful.

On the Medco Site

When looking to instruct a Medico Legal Organisation you will be presented with a random list of agencies. One will be a national organisation while the remaining six will be slightly smaller more localised agencies.

There is an option to instruct an expert directly however the charge remains the same and you are required to provide the administration and funding yourself. (You are better off using an agency such as Avant Medicals)

At this moment you will be given a Medco Unique ID number. THIS NEEDS TO BE PLACED ON THE INSTRUCTION LETTER which you send to your chosen MRO. It allows key data to be placed on the site anonymously.

Why Instruct Avant Medicals.

When selecting Avant Medicals you are guaranteed an expert leading team who are comfortable in using high quality case IT management systems. Have fun with casinoeuro.

Instructing us allows you more time to focus on your case at hand. After you instruct us we handle all the small details freeing you to spend more time with your client and their case.

Avant Medicals, 10th Floor, Chancery Place

Brown Street, Manchester, M2 2JT

Phone: 0843 289 2803

Fax: 0844 357 6886