We want to do your clients justice. To enable us to do this we use a triage service in order to determine the course of action best suited to fit the client and their needs.

The triage service allows us to develop recommendations so action can be taken sooner rather than later. It is a reflection of the accident as they are asked questions in relation to the activities taking place at the time of the accident.

This is done to ensure we provide your client with recommended treatment and arrange the correct treatment they need as soon as possible.

 Our Triage service allows the client to recover at an earlier pace, getting them back to their pre accident state as soon as possible.

 Triage is at the heart of the work we do at Avant Medicals. Our main focus is to restore our clients back to full health and Triage is the first step in doing so.

We understand that not every firm works in the same way, which is why our in house specialist team works with you in creating a flexible and bespoke service, while staying true to the Avant Medicals Belief.

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